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WATERPROOF COVERS Double The Protection From A Single Cover. Our dual Water and UV Resistant cover has been developed with a special polyurethane coating to help protect your expensive bag in all weather conditions. The special water resistant soft feel woven fabric is also treated to protect against the damaging effects of UV sunlight to help prevent fading and prolong the life of your cover.
UK-£58.80, Ex Vat-£49.00

AMD01 A simple velvet cover, with contrasting velvet trim available in a range of colours and combinations. The overall effect is a cover with smooth clean lines. Check out the "grippers" page and add some functionality along with style.
UK-£58.80, Ex Vat-£49.00


AMD02 Working best with darker velvets the highlights are produced with a heavy gold or silver thread to stunning effect and comes with matching metallic trim. This cover would do justice to any set of pipes. Go to "grippers" page for extras.
UK-£64.80, Ex Vat-£54.00


AMD03 - An extra detail is the addition of matching gold or silver studs. (Note: the studs are added to the outer side of the cover only. The body side is left plain.)
UK-£84.00, Ex Vat-£70.00


AMD04 This cover is just beautiful. With either matching or contrasting velvet detailing, this produces a heavier weight cover that feels as good as it looks. Available in a range of colour combinations and finished with gold or silver metallic trim.
UK-£78.00, Ex Vat-£65.00

AMD05 A dramatic cover in velvet with velvet trim produced in colour combinations to suit your sense of style. This cover has no fringe as standard, so has very crisp, clean lines to wonderful effect.
The optional arm grip is shown
UK-£64.80, Ex Vat-£54.00


AMD06 A great combination, your choice of velvet and detailed with gold or silver studs. (Note: the studs are added to the outer side of the cover only. The body side is left plain.) Go to "grippers"page for extras.
UK-£72.00, Ex Vat-£60.00


BagpipecoversAMD07 - The classic pipe cover available in all colours. Gold and silver trim come as standard, or if you prefer, black or white wool trim is also an option. Go to "grippers" page for extras.
UK-£58.80, Ex Vat-£49.00


Tartan Specials
The traditional tartan cover. You will have the choice of over 500 of the finest 100% wool tartans available.
Due to the high cost of the fabric we offer two options:
Tartan cover, NO zipper or gripper UK-£64.80, Ex Vat-£54.00
Tartan cover WITH zipper and gripper UK- £72.00, Ex Vat-£60.00 with zip & grip fitted.


As an alternative to fringes these covers come with a choice of gold or silver metallic braids. See "grippers" page for extras.
UK-£58.80, Ex Vat-£49.00

 AMD 10. Basic standard bag
Our basic range are high quality covers manufactured using the same techniques as our catalogue range, but without zippers and grippers and using a slightly lighter weight of fabrics. Available in your choice of velvet or corduroy with all the standard fringe and trim options.
UK-£45.60, Ex Vat-£38.00

 AMD 11.
This cover features a variation on our ever popular AMD04 style by using fine braids instead of velvet to create the unusual effect. A beautiful cover for any set of pipes.
UK-£78.00, Ex Vat-£65.00

 AMD 12.
The addition of coloured piping to our AMD09 cover gives a wonderful and very subtle eyecatching lift to this firm favourite. See Grippers for extras.
Price UK-£64.80, Ex Vat-£54.00

 AMD 13.
We are now pleased to offer you quality covers with our unique Skeleton
Piper (registered trade mark) logo embroidered on each at no extra cost.
These covers are in premium Black velvet complete with a zipper and
gripper as standard. See Grippers for extras.
UK-£58.80, Ex Vat-£49.00

 AMD 14.
If you think a tartan cover is a bit too much, but still want to show your allegiance to your clan, then this is the cover for you. Combining our premium velvets with your choice of hand fringed top quality tartan and of course a zipper and body side gripper completes this special cover.
With so many countless combinations of body colour and tartan fringe options, you will easily be able to create your own unique look."
Price UK-£72.00, Ex Vat-£60.00

 AMD 15.
Manufactured from the finest genuine Harris Tweed, this cover make a thoroughly practical and hard wearing alternative to velvet and tartan. Hand woven on 28" looms in the Outer Hebrides, each cover bears the "Harris Tweed Authority" label of authenticity.

Price UK-£60.00, Ex Vat-£72.00

 AMD 16. Scottish Smallpipe covers
Scottish Smallpipe covers manufactured from fine velvet, trimmed
with braid and available in a selection of colours. These covers do not
have a zipper or non slip gripper fitted as standard. Please remember to
let us know if your pipes are mouth or bellows blown as the latter come
with a matching velvet cover for the transfer tube.
Should you prefer fringe trim please let us know when ordering."

Price Uk £45.60, Ex Vat £38.00

Covers for Uilleann pipes manufactured from fine velvets with long
bullion style fringes.
These come complete with a cover for the transfer tube.

Picture shows optional embroidery; please enquire about this service.

Price Uk £45.60, Ex Vat £38.00

 All our covers are manufactured and detailed by hand using the best materials available. Traditionally velvet is used, but we do offer some practical alternatives. You will find a complete description of the covers on each page. All covers are made to fit medium up to large (30" x 12") bags. If you require a smaller size tell us in the ordering section.

The catalogue will be updated regularly as new designs become available, so please log on from time to time and check out recent additions. If you'd prefer a different combination of base material, trims and grippers from those included in the catalogue, let us know and we'll put it together it for you.
Also, if you see a cover that would make the perfect gift for a friend, tell us, and we'll happily send it to them.

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